We Are An Affiliate Member of Shareasale.com Now

We Are An Affiliate Member of Shareasale.com Now

Good news! Oksiwalux, a car lights manufacturer and retailer with product prices ranging from around $100-$400, has become an affiliate member in the largest affiliate program website shareasale.com, offering high commission rewards to recruit creators, bloggers, Youtubers, Socia media publishers, and whoever owns a channel or website that boasts traffic source and flow, regardless of being big or small, are welcome to join in the affiliate program.

Before lining up to join in, it’s a must-do to learn more about Oksiwalux and to see if it is worth being an affiliate member to join in. Let’s dive into its official website for detailed information:


As we have seen, Oksiwalux is a car lights manufacturer specializing in the subcategories of LED fog lights and tail lights with over a decade of experience.

What car makes and car models does it cover to supply?

Having seen the listed products, the main car maks that Oksiwalux currently makes car lights for are Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge Ram, GMC, Tesla, Honda, Jeep, and Toyota. To be more specific, below are the car makes that have been sold most ranked with their sales number in descending order.

2006 Silverado tail lights

2019 F150 tail lights

2018 ford F150 tail lights

2006 Chevy Silverado fog lights

2005 Chevy Silverado fog lights

2019 Honda Accord tail lights

10th gen civic tail lights

2020 f150 tail light

2004 Silverado fog lights

If you happen to own any of the cars above and a website or video channel with followers, or your media source coincidentally falls into the auto or automotive category, you should not hesitate to join the affiliate program of Oksiwalux in shareasale.com. To earn a 10% commission on car lights priced at $300.00 on average is worth a try. Plus, a higher commission rate is negotiable with the Oksiwalux marketing team.

Oksiwalux offers 30 days of tracking cookies to track sales generated by its affiliates, which is long enough to cover sales brought by promotion campaigns in various forms of marketing. 

For the sake of its affiliates, Oksiwalux’s technical team has put extensive effort into the designing and construction of its website aiming for an optimal conversion rate. Higher conversion rate, more easier money to earn! In addition, a dozen well-designed creatives in various sizes are available for affiliates to select to best fit their websites and blogs.

It even offers a set of bonus and incentive campaigns to reward its affiliates with more.

  1. $100.00 bonus will be provided if 10 sales are made within 1 month.
  2. An extra $5.00 bonus is also provided for every sale during the first 90 days.

More incentivizing campaigns are open for discussion and negotiation to be created.

The Merchant ID of Oksiwalux in shareasale.com is: 150632, you are welcome to apply to its affiliate program by accessing its registration portal if you are a car enthusiast, expert, technician, or professional.

Lastly, here comes the summary of the affiliate recruitment that is worth taking a look at to consider:

Oksiwalux is a car lights manufacturer with over a decade of experience specializing in designing and producing modified fog lights and car tail lights.

To promote the fog lights and tail lights it provides whose prices range from around $100 to $400, you would get a 10 % commission and bonus when sales reached certain numbers yet to be set. 

Besides, it offers:

  1. Free shipping for orders delivered to the United States.
  2. Above-average commission rate with high-ticket car lights.
  3. 30-day validity of tracking cookies.
  4. Well-designed website for a high conversion rate.
  5. 12-month warranty for the products sold.
  6. Customizable banners and creatives in size and style. It is open to cooperation and partnership in various channels and ways, so, feel free to ask your questions if you have.

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