The Advantages of Fog Lights for 2003 Chevy Silverado

The Advantages of Fog Lights for 2003 Chevy Silverado

It has long been controversial if we should replace the stock lights of our car, which come in halogen light bulbs. Being controversial on this issue is because people are inclined to replace their stock headlights with the trending LED fog lights, which are banned in some states.

Why? Because the LED fog lights are so bright, they can pose a safety threat to drivers in certain driving conditions.

Still, I hold the view that it’s necessary to replace your stock halogen headlights with LED fog lights for benefits in many aspects. 

Surely, you have experienced those foggy days in late autumn and winter, weather in walks or remaining seated in a car, Seeing the traffic around you go in the way is akin to how a snail travels. Worse than that, encountering car accidents on foggy, rainy, and dusty days is not uncommon, even to this day. Fog poses a serious threat to the safety and security of drivers, and many don’t have much experience driving in fog.

Although LED fog lights are needed in rare situations throughout the rainy, cold, and foggy season, that does not mean hitting the road without them on will not pose any underlying risk. I strongly suggest having them on your car. Here is why: 

Fog Penetration Power

LED fog lights can easily penetrate fog to provide better visibility. The foremost function of LED fog lights is to illuminate the blurry road ahead. It’s a heatedly debated topic about which car fog lights have a higher penetration power between LED fog lights and halogen headlights. According to authoritative institutional experimentation and analysis, Halogen is just fractionally stronger than LED fog lights in term of penetration. However, when it comes to which fog lights have to be added on cars, over 93% of drivers are inclined to go with LED fog lights for their higher brightness and various color temperatures over halogen headlights, which makes it safer to drive at night.

Choosing the right LED fog lights and mounting them at the correct height (two feet above the ground) will help you improve your visibility. Positioning and light color are critical to experiencing safer driving on foggy nights. 

More color choices

Halogen headlights are applied with incandescent light bulbs, which emit a yellowish, warm light that is not very bright. When LEDs first entered the market, people thought they were cold and harsh. However, that has all changed now, as you can use LEDs to get any color as shown on the color temperature chart. You can choose to have a warm light effect if you prefer. Moreover, you can also choose from blue, bright white, green, or any other color, which means you can customize any color you like.

LED Lasts Longer

If you have halogen bulbs in your home, the chances are that they blow on a regular basis, particularly if you have spotlights in your kitchen or bathroom. So is the case when it comes to picking car headlights, The incandescent bulbs of halogen headlights are easy to burn out, with a lifespan within hundreds of hours. In comparison, LED fog lights can span for 50,000 hours in its lifetime, yet they have much higher energy-efficiency. 

LEDs with Higher Energy Efficacy

Car fog lights with LED bulb use approximately 90% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulb. This is because LEDs emit light by using an electrical current to create a bond between positive and negative charges. This process is called electroluminescence, through which more than 98% of the power will not go to waste.

Approximately, only about 5% of the energy generated by halogen is converted into light, with the remaining 95% wasted on generating heat. That’s why they burn out frequently and require repeated, annoying replacements.  

Environmentally Friendly

Why is LED lighting eco-friendly? Well, as mentioned above, it consumes much less power and energy. Imagine if we all car motorists were to switch over to LED fog lights, our mother-planet would just be some greener whatsoever, and the numbers on your electricity bill would not be that hateful.

LED fog lights are non-toxic, they don’t contain hazardous materials, so they will not contaminate our environment when they are disposed of. 

Risk Of Burns

As stated earlier, halogen lights produce a lot of heat. In fact, around 80% of the energy they consume is converted to heat. This creates an increased risk of fire, especially if the wrong lamp is used in a fixture or placed too close to combustible materials.

So, do LED lights give off heat too? Yes, but not much. LEDs only emit 10 to 20 percent of their energy as heat; they’re considerably safer to handle and unlikely to start a fire.

As mentioned before, halogen fog lights produce a large amount of heat. In fact, around 90% of the energy they consume is converted to heat, which goes to waste. Worse, it could cause burnout and even fire if the wrong lamp is used in a fixture or placed too close to combustible materials.

So, are LED fog lights different? Yes, it creates a very limited amount of heat as more than 90% of its energy converts into efficacy.

To this point, we have concluded that LED fog lights are a better choice to consider due to their advantages and merits in multiple aspects. If you are looking for LED fog lights for 2003-2009 Chevy Silverado, then these pairs below are a good buy, I have tested them on my 2003 Chevy Silverado for over a week’s time, and they look cool with a pumpkin face spooky design.

Click the image to learn more about the Halloween Day LED fog lights.


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