Shop Ford F150 Tail Lights by 6 Points

Shop Ford F150 Tail Lights by 6 Points

When it comes to searching for a pair of Ford F150 tail lights to best fit your car, what would you take into consideration to secure a pair of tail lights that you think fit your car best? If you are not an experienced motorist or with very limited knowledge of automotive techniques stuff, my suggestions listed below will help you out.

I have collected more than thousands of reviews left by shoppers of Ford F150 owners and gone over them to find out the cons and pros of them. Below are the top 5 points that matter most when shoppers search online for 2016 F150 Tail Lights with smoked or clear lenses.

1. Budget allocation

Set a budget allowance and select 2016 F150 tail lights online within or slightly exceeding it. The bigger the budget you set, the better quality car lights delivery you would receive. It is completely up to you on this matter.

2. Easy to Install

Of those thousands of reviews I collected, 52% of the shoppers liked the 2016 Ford F150 Tail Lights they bought stating that they were easy to install because they come with the feature of Plug N Play, let me briefly explain to you here what its meaning is.

What do Plug-n-Play Tail Lights Look Like?

As its name suggests, you can simply plug the tail lights into the interface of your Ford F150, by connecting them together, they would illuminate immediately as how a TV set would start displaying colorful a screen after turning it on with a remote control.

For tail lights for Ford F150 that are not designed with Plug N Play feature, it will cost way more time to set them up as wire or cable splicing work is required, let alone if the Ford F150 car owner barely knows anything about electrician or wireman work. Most likely, it will end up in disappointment and frustration for the Ford F150 to return the car lights back to the seller. That is not necessary for you and we should prevent it from happening. Hence, always bear in mind to purchase the Plug N Play if you can.

3. Guaranteed Secure Fit

This comes as the second critical point that Ford F150 drivers consider before purchasing a pair of tail lights. You might have seen the awkward scene of popped-out tail lights hanging under the car trunk in front of your car, leaving both of your cars at risk of colliding together.

How to Avert This?

Please be aware that some car lights in the market just do not fit your car due to design defects or molding flaws.

It may sound superfluous or even silly to ask you to measure the dimensions of your stock tail lights before searching for a pair to order. But I advise you to do so. Then, check the dimensions of the 2016 Ford F150 tail lights you are browsing to make sure they fit, or you will need to cut the housing of them later on for fitment purposes.

After confirming their dimensions, check if the screws and other accessories included meet the OEM standard. With all these steps taken, the chance of falling on a pair of unfit 2016 F150 tail lights is slim.

4. Brightness & Safety

OEM tail lights are assembled with Halogen lamps, which are not as bright as aftermarket car lights replaced of LED light source, That is why a considerable number of motorists choose to replace them with brighter LED tail lights.

Safety is the #1 priority when hitting the road in your car. The drawback of halogen car lights is that it is dim when driving at night, exposing you to very limited visibility to other drivers. Replacing them with LED car lights is a must-do!


5. Waterproof Level

It is not common to see condensation inside car lights if they are not made airtight, but you should still keep your eyes open to avoid products with such defects and flaws. It is dangerous to hit the road with your car tail lights in condensation, so, remember to pick a pair with waterproof levels up to IP67 or above. After receiving the tail lights you ordered, remember to inspect their airtight functionality to ensure 100% safety.

6. Durability

This determines how long the car lights would work, it all comes down to the material utilized in the car lights. But how do tell if the materials used are of high quality? As I mentioned above, the more you are willing to pay, the higher the quality is likely to be.

There are a couple of tail lights listed in our store that fit the Ford F150 released in the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, they both have plug-and-play functionalities.

LED Tail Light for Ford F150 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 with Clear Lens

LED Tail Light for 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150 with Smoked Lens


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