2018 F150 Tail Lights Released in 2024

2018 F150 Tail Lights Released in 2024

If you are looking for a pair of 2018 f150 tail lights to replace your stock pair, there are a few crucial points to consider before making an informed decision to purchase:

  1. Budget Allocation

If this is the first time you are searching for a pair of 2018 f150 tail lights, you might have no clue why the price range for 2018 F150 tail lights is different from one another. Even though you stick to your allocated budget, be it big or small, there are many options of Ford F150 tail lights out there for your consideration. With that said it will be no worries even if you have only a small budget.

  1. Easy to Install

This is one of the critical factors that the majority of motorists consider, it makes sense, no one would go for an alternative if they could be provided with a pair of hassle-free 2018 Ford F150 tail lights of plug-and-play design. As its name suggests, plug-and-play tail lights allow you to plug them into the interface of your car very easily, without any additional cutting and splicing required. Let alone paying not a small sum of money to a professional technician to have your job done.

What do Plug-n-Play Tail Lights Look Like?

  1. Guaranteed Secure Fit

This also comes as a critical point that Ford F150 drivers consider before purchasing a pair of tail lights. You might have seen the awkward scene of popped-out tail lights hanging under the car trunk in front of your car, leaving both of your cars at risk of colliding together.

  1. Brightness & Safety

OEM tail lights are assembled with Halogen lamps, which are not as bright as aftermarket car lights replacement of LED light source, that is why a considerable number of motorists choose to replace them with brighter LED tail lights. LED car lights have a lifespan as ten times long as Halogen lights.\

  1. Waterproof Level

It is dangerous to hit the road with your car tail lights in condensation, so, remember to pick a pair with waterproof levels up to IP67 or above. After receiving the tail lights you ordered, remember to inspect their airtight functionality to ensure 100% safety.

  1. Durability

This metric determines how long the car lights would work, it all comes down to the material applied to the car lights. But how to tell if the materials used are of high quality? It’s no doubt that the more you pay, the better quality of the car lights is.

Oksiwalux has released two set of new 2016-2020 ford f150 tail lights with one set of smoked lens, and the other with clear lens. 

Oksiwalux LED Tail Light for 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150 with Smoked Lens (1 pair)  $249.99 USD 

2018 f150 tail lights with smoked lens

Highlights of these tail lights for the 2016-2020 Ford f150:

  • Running, Reverse, Brake, Turn signal, Flash/Blink/hazard lighting effect.
  • -Made of premium quality PC material with good shock and impact.
  • resistance. They undergo extensive and rigorous testing to ensure the strength and durability of the product.
  • The Lights are highly sealed with excellent waterproof functionality, which can give you a safe driving experience even in bad weather such as snowy, foggy, and heavy rainy days.
  • Simple Installation: Plug-and-play operation, OE taillight socket, and replacement for the stock taillight, easy for installation without any drilling or modification. (NOTE: Professional installation would be highly recommended).

    Here is the LED Tail Light for 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150 with Clear Lens (1 pair)  $339.99 USD

    2018 f150 tail lights with clear lens

    • They are almost the same as the above tail lights with smoked lens except its clear lens.


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